All was fair at the Christmas Fair! Sat 23rd Nov 2013

By | November 23, 2013

This little girl has done me proud today:

All was fair at the Christmas Fair! Sat 23rd Nov 2013

There she is, telling "Santa" at her school’s Christmas fair that she’s been a good girl this year and warning him that he can’t arrive down the chimney because the guinea pigs are in front of it! He said "not to worry, I’ll use my special magic key instead".

Our village precinct was absolutely heaving when we went up there beforehand, luckily the ipad proved a welcome distraction but she did have a few mini moments whilst we were queuing in Costa. A case of "shushing" and reassurance that, hopefully, we wouldn’t be much longer.

The fair was really good, there’s never a great deal of unknown footfall (ie. people who aren’t relatives of pupils/ex pupils) but that’s good in a way because it ensures that everyone is accepting of each other and welcoming.

D was absolutely fascinated by the various tombolas, especially the numbered tickets and I can see us holding our own mini tombolas in the next few weeks, especially as I told her that newsagents sell the ticket books. She was very happy to collect any used tickets she could find and they’ve all gone into her little bag of treasures.

She had a bit of luck with the tombola too and won (with a teensy bit of advice as to which ticket to choose) a pack of M&S mince pies, something she’ll probably never try or eat but Mr Bluecrisps was delighted!

The main raffle was a source of focus too and we’d bought some tickets, with D writing her name by herself on the stubs (a big thing for a girl who finds writing challenging). As the time of the draw grew nearer, she got anxious but then when it was happening, turned to me and said "it doesn’t matter if we don’t win anything", we didn’t and she was right. It was all about being there, showing our support and a chance to play "spot the school friend/teacher".

It seems as this is the start of D’s festive season, tomorrow she wants to write (but probably mostly draw) her Christmas list. And yes "Santa", what she told you was correct, she has been good this year!

How’s T done? His team drew 3:3 this morning and there was a resounding win at the local match this afternoon. All positive, I’ll gloss over the mud!

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘

All was fair at the Christmas Fair! Sat 23rd Nov 2013
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