All Saints – Black Coffee #WednesdayWarble

By | November 27, 2013

I’ve missed out on putting up Music Mondays the last few weeks, life and its complications have got in the way.

I’m going to aim to mention some festive favourites from next week, which means that this song would have to wait until next year..unless I create a Wednesday Warble!

I love this song, both from a musical and lyrical point of view. Hubbie choose it during one of his Top 51 and I think this was one of the CDs we had in duplicate when we got together.

It’s a great decide-which-one-you’re-going-to-be-when-you-sing-along and I particularly like these lyrics:

Then you call my name
And I know inside I love you

…Each moment is new
Freeze the moment
Each moment is cool
Freeze the moment

I wouldnt wanna be
Anywhere else but… here
I wouldnt wanna change
Anything at all
(Anything oh I..)

I wouldnt wanna take
Everything out on… you
Though I know I do
(Although I know I do)
Everytime I fall

I remain the same
Did I tell you that I love you

Brush your teeth
And pour a cup of black coffee out
I love to watch you do that every day
The little things that you do

Each moment is new
Freeze the moment
Each moment is cool
Freeze the moment

It’s a reminder of a relationship isn’t it, the little things that might drive us barmy about our partners/family are outweighed by the other little things they do that make us love them.

For me, the positives far far outweigh any negatives (apart from maybe at 2am in the morning when snoring might be loud!)

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