The consequences of being out-of-routine Tues 1st Oct 2013

By | October 1, 2013

We have a happier, calmer T tonight, we (T, myself and Hubbie) had a very well-organised tour of a potential secondary school this morning.

It all looked ideal for T, very well laid out departments, clearly signposted, an area where the younger children can be at break and lunchtimes and a fantastic sport and maths department. The art department was pretty blooming fantastic too and it’s got me thinking about studying:

T was very positive about it all and a chat with the SenCo further reinforced our thinking that this school is definitely our preferred choice.

We have another to visit tomorrow but it does seem unfair that a decision on his future schooling will be made by someone in a council office who has not met him, who will never meet him and he is seen as purely a name on a sheet. The opportunity will exist – I hope – to put forward our reasoning for this particular school on the form but… *fingers crossed* for him!

Gut instinct has always served me well when it comes to our children and the school just felt "right".

In contrast, D has not had a great afternoon. She has been so cross and frustrated that she completely tipped her buggy backwards at one point and it threatened to topple a couple more times, purely out of anger, it was not overloaded at all.

The initial tip did not deter her from attempting to do it again, I’m afraid the softly-softly approach didn’t work and the "big voice" had to come out, it seemed to work, I just hope she remembers.

Today has been a change to her routine and tomorrow will be change again, what with her ultrasound scan tomorrow morning. The social story has helped but I hope that last minute anxieties don’t creep up. Still, once it’s done, it’s done.

I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘

The consequences of being out-of-routine Tues 1st Oct 2013
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Ciara on 2nd October 2013 at 12:28 pm.

Jeanette your posts about T’s secondary school choices are taking me back to 4/5 years ago when we were trying to find a secondary school for our son. We visited so many schools. Hated some, loved others. Trying to find the right balance was a nightmare. Would you believe the last school we visited in the May (he was starting that September) was the one he ended up going to. I remember driving there with my husband and son being absolutely determined that he was not going to this school. I was ranting to my husband the whole way – who do they think they are getting in touch with us so late in the process. We knew within 5 minutes of walking in it was the place for our son. The resource teacher was and still is wonderful. Our son met other students and toured the school with them while we had our own tour being able to ask all the relevant questions without making him feel awkward or embarrassed. When he started we didn’t think our son would do state exams but he sat his Junior Cert in June and passed every subject he took even getting an A and two Bs. What this ramble is trying to say is trust your own intuition and fight to get T into the place that meets his needs. I spend two years looking at secondary schools with my husband, most of that time feeling sick with worry that our son would have to go to a huge school with little or no interest in special needs and that he would lose all his confidence and see himself as a failure. I’m not saying this school is perfect but it has our son’s best interests at centre of his education. Good luck in your search and I hope T is happy and fulfilled wherever he goes.


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