Ode to Bunny #Prose4T

By | October 24, 2013

I wasn’t sure if I had a #Prose4T this week, I haven’t been well all week and the general feeling of yuck has affected my creative thinking.

But then something happened this morning and I remembered just how important Bunny is to D, and a short poem flowed out:

Ode to Bunny #Prose4T

Not just a comforter, more than just a toy. Providing security when she’s anxious, support in times of joy.

Faithful, loved Bunny, you definitely know your place. One twitch of your big ears brings a smile to D’s face.

Bought from Mamas and Papas, just after D was born. A definite "from birth" toy, looking more than a little worn.

I looked for alternatives in case you’re ever *whispers* misplaced, D glances at then and simply says "there’s a toy for you now, Mumma". Quite simply you cannot be replaced.

Bunny even wrote a post on the blog once! I’m linking this up with #Prose4T at http://www.vevivos.com

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