Making that tween-time transition easier…

By | October 9, 2013

Without going into too much detail, D is rapidly entering the tween stage, it’s something that needs to be carefully managed as, on the outside she appears far older than her years, but on the inside she is emotionally and mentally much younger.

One of the things that an NT mother and daughter would be doing at this time is considering a first bra, I remember being measured up in M&S on a Saturday (not on the shop floor, thankfully!). I know that, with D, her stranger anxieties will not make this possible, there is every chance that if we did make it as far as a changing room, a sudden noise or movement by someone else would send D into a bolt or meltdown situation.

I came across the following website via a Mumsnet newsletter and am so glad I did, there are instructions on there for measuring and simple but pretty designs, with no underwriting. There are also more detailed designs, someone I know would like the butterfly one very much!

Here’s the link:

I really like the overall feel of the website, it’s been made by mums and has lots of tips for parents as well as teens and tweens.

I wasn’t asked to write this post nor received any compensation but thought it merited a post!

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E (The Third Glance) on 9th October 2013 at 5:25 pm.

Just a thought for you (and of course, this is MY experience) – I can’t and never have been able to wear bras with real cups – I’ve always been a sports-bra kind of person. The cups are uncomfortable, and don’t feel right on my body. Obviously, D may have a completely different perspective, but its something to think about. My mother tried for years to get me to wear cupped bras (especially with extra padding, as she thought bigger-appearing breasts would make me more social or something), and it never worked. So if one thing isn’t working, try something else. Theres no rule that you have to wear fancy underwear. Especially when you live in sensory hell from clothes all the time, the path of least resistance is by far the better path. 🙂 good luck!!


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