In Ancient Times…. #funee

By | October 1, 2013

D is heavily into her comic-making at the moment, influenced in part by Captain Underpants books she’s been reading.

She loves the titles (which always seem to mention toilets or poop) and there’s always little tips contained within the story for readers to try out.

Like this one, a way to make new drawings seem very much older:

In Ancient Times.... #funee

D followed this very accurately at the weekend, bringing in handfuls of soil from the garden and raiding the coffee jar. The result was a paper-sodden dirt-filled sink but she really enjoyed it.

And here’s the end result, some very old and dirty looking (and coffee smelling) drawing:

In Ancient Times.... #funee

It’s been drying out and she’s very impressed with it.

She said "it looks really old, it looks like it came from Ancient Times, the 80’s or something!"

Maybe this is where I vow to not tell her my birth year anytime soon….I must be mega-ancient!

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In Ancient Times.... #funee
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Kirstie on 1st October 2013 at 1:49 pm.

One of my daughters favourite books too. Lol at the age comment…my daughter asks how old I am, when I tell her to guess she says 24 (I wish lol) a lot better answer than my son who tells me I look 92… Well thank you very much lol.


Actually Mummy on 1st October 2013 at 2:55 pm.

Haha! By that reckoning I’m pre-historic! I love how she’s really worked on the task – my kids love Captain Underpants but I don’t think they’ve spotted this tip yet 🙂


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