As you were.. Thurs 31st Oct 2013

By | October 31, 2013

Halloween kind of passes us by every year, neither T or D like the unexpectedness of strangers knocking on the door and if they’re strangers dressed as monsters, ghouls and witches, it scares them. Similarity Halloween-themed food and costumes are a no-no, they like their food to look like their usual food and the costumes are too itchy and scratchy for their sensory issues.

D has got a little into the thought of Halloween this year with her comic:

..and her tissue paper "George the ghost" but that’s really as far as it’s gone, all very controlled and within her limitations. We did see some children dressed in skeleton costumes in town yesterday and both T and D visibly stiffened, it was the unexpectedness of it.

It’s been a business-as-usual day for us, with one big, lovely exception, because T and D enjoy Keeping Up Appearances so much (see post below)..

..I found a parody book on eBay "written" by Hyacinth, it’s apparently full of her advice and experiences and sounds really funny. I say "sounds" because I haven’t been able to get a glimpse at it yet! T and D sat next to each other (this is a rarity) on the sofa cuddled up to me and T read us all parts of the book, they both giggled away at the pictures and it was lovely.

As you were.. Thurs 31st Oct 2013
As you were.. Thurs 31st Oct 2013

That really doesn’t happen often, one will normally inadvertently (or sometimes not) prod the other when in close vicinity and squabbles will then break out.

It probably helps that T’s birthday is just around the corner, he’s extremely excited about it and D is on his behalf too.

I hope everyone’s had a good day and those that are celebrating Halloween enjoy it, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘

As you were.. Thurs 31st Oct 2013
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