Trying to read the scale Sat 28th Sept 2013

By | September 28, 2013

I mentioned in last night’s blog a book we’d been recommended by CAMHS – – apparently it will help us understand ways in which T and D will be able to control their emotions, using the strategies recommended.

We likened life with D to going very quickly from a calm state to a matchbox situation, incredibly fast and the doctor suggested that there are ways of keeping an environment at, say, a 2 or 3 without escalation to a 5.

To say that that would be helpful is an understatement, especially with both of our lovely children.

With D today, it had felt like this:

Trying to read the scale Sat 28th Sept 2013

This book is one of our favourites by the way, great illustrations and it counts up and then back down again.

Trying to read the scale Sat 28th Sept 2013

However, that’s how today has felt, goodness knows how D was (well, I do know, tearful and cuddle-seeking).

She has been up and down the scale, sometimes extremely quickly.

It’s a culmination of a long week, a routine change today and *sigh* noisy neighbours.

She was calmer after a soothing bath and happy to settle.

In contrast, our little stat-man T has had a very good day. Since the school issue was sorted, he’s been visibly happier and chattier. His team won this morning, he watched a winning game this afternoon and he has a facts and stats-packed new football magazine. Life could not be better (at the moment, anyway)!

So, that’s T and D, so similar in some traits, so different in others but that’s the diversity isn’t it?

I hope everyone’s day has gone well and thanks so much for the comments following last night’s blog Jx 😘

Trying to read the scale Sat 28th Sept 2013
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