Squeaky Saturday! 14th Sept 2013

By | September 14, 2013

I never know how D will be after she’s had a very anxious spell (as she did last night), sometimes the anxieties will carry on and she’s unable to settle (the melatonin being of no use when she’s like this, anxieties seem to over-ride it) and other times she’ll wake up as bouncy as ever the next morning, like nothing ever happened.

Today, fortunately, was the latter. D has been a bouncy, flapping, squeaking, happy girl virtually from that first initial "Mumma!" this morning.

I have tried to chat to her a bit about her "blank screen anxieties" and been met with "let’s not talk about that now" but I hope it’s a case of something that she’ll mature out of/we’ll have to manage. (Thinking about it, she’s always extremely keen to leave the cinema as soon as the credits start rolling – on a usually dark screen – which then causes problems in itself, as everyone else thinks the same and then we have anxieties over strangers.)

But on the whole, if the whole floor of the house could have been a soft-play area (now there’s an idea!), it would have been perfect. She’s bounced everywhere, as if her feet were on springs. Happy bounces. Excited bounces. Flapping bounces.

And it’s been nice. No boy-who-calls-her-names-at-school-anxieties, no stranger anxieties (she was more concerned with closely inspecting each egg from our online shop than the delivery man), no T skirmishes as he’s been out at football. Just a calm but bouncy, squeaking girl (that sounds like a contradiction!).

T’s had a good day too, despite the fact his team lost this morning, the team he watched this afternoon won and he’s tired but happy. His knee and foot didn’t prevent him from playing (I didn’t think they would, he’s a determined little man) but Hubbie did say T was offering his head for cuddles this afternoon, and he’s certainly been cuddle-seeking this evening.

So, a surprisingly – after last night – good one for us, I hope everyone’s has gone well. Comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘

Squeaky Saturday! 14th Sept 2013
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