Adding a touch of the tropical with Gardening Express

By | September 5, 2013

It’s been gorgeous weather this summer (let’s forget about tomorrow’s forecast …rain) and perfect for getting things done in the garden.

The children have control of the back garden, with the trampoline, frame pool and climbing frame and the front garden is my domain.

Being a non-driver and reliant on public transport, trips to the garden centre are infrequent as I can’t carry items back (I did bring a pair of small twisty trees on the return bus once and they provided a great source of amusement to the other passengers!)

So, I tend to make plant purchases online and hope that they a) don’t get damaged in the transportation process and b) actually look like the catalogue picture!

No such worries with Gardening Express I was offered the chance to trial their service and really enjoyed browsing through the vast selection online before deciding on these:

I was very impressed with the level of detail in the descriptions for all the plants I browsed but choose the Palm Trees as I had the ideal spot planned in my garden.

The plants arrived very securely in a very long box, I had received text message updates so knew roughly when to expect them. The plants looked great when unpacked with no damage and I couldn’t wait to get them planted.

This photo is part-way through planting, Hubbie had to dig out an area for me (tee hee, I like to keep him busy!) and D helped me shake out the turf. We found baby frogs and a bone during this process!

Adding a touch of the tropical with Gardening Express
Adding a touch of the tropical with Gardening Express

One of the cats acted as foreman too!

Two weeks later and the trees are doing really well. They’re situated just by our slope by the front door and fit in fantastically with the garden.

Adding a touch of the tropical with Gardening Express

I wouldn’t hesitate to order from Gardening Express in the future, my next plan is to find a little space in the garden for this, it’s got shades of purple….lovely:

Disclaimer: we were sent two trees from Gardening Express for the purposes of this review, my words and views are my own.

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