A drawing space of her own..

By | September 10, 2013

It’s no use, I can’t ignore it, my children are starting to grow up and wanting/needing their own space.

We have our dining table, which more often than not is shrewn with items unrelated to dining – crafting material, pens, paper, plasticine etc – but D has started to say that she’d like a desk of her own in her room, readily equipped with her drawing and crafting bits and pieces (one of her calming mechanisms is drawing).

A very reasonable request for a 9.5 year old but in a time when ££ can be scarce, we’re adopting the "make do and mend" approach.

The question of a desk seems on the way to being sorted, we have a pine dressing table in the loft which I’m going to be unearthing, sanding down and repainting. We’ve also got an unused roller blind with flowers on and I’m going to attach that to the top (and maybe sides) for a retro feel and it will make for a wipe-clean desk top.

Now comes the question of accessories and for these I’ve looked to Argos http://www.argos.co.uk/ in particular their Colour Match range.

A drawing space of her own..

Argos have recently added to their ColourMatch range with the addition of three very pretty pastel colours:

Jellybean Blue, Tutti Fruitti Green and Bubblegum Pink.

Argos asked if I’d like to choose a couple of items to help with decking out D’s room and this is what we choose:

A desk lamp, with light that can be angled and an easy one/off switch. D particularly likes the fact it’s called "bubblegum pink" and in keeping up with her brother, it’s the same make as T’s (blue) one.

Another item that interested me was a rug to go under her chair, I didn’t want to standard heavy rug though so opted for a bath mat. This may sound unorthodox but it can be washed and dried quickly, ideal when there are likely to be pen stains, glue droppings etc.

I loved the colours in this one and so does D:

So, accessories sorted, I’ve got no excuses – especially now the children are back at school.

Thanks for reading and wish me luck in the loft!

Disclaimer: we were sent a desk lamp and bath mat, my words and views are my own.

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