“Why Aren’t Normal People Normal?” A guide by Olley Edwards

By | August 22, 2013

As the parent of two diagnosed children on the autistic spectrum, I’m always on the hunt for information, for guidance. For anything that helps me understand how they think and process information. As both approach puberty, with many additional complications that may bring, my quest becomes stronger.

I’m also aware that, having an autistic daughter, I’m in a minority – but as I become more active within social media and reach out – the number of parents/carers/females on the spectrum that I "know" is ever increasing.

One such person is Olley Edwards – on twitter @olleyedwards – she has daughters diagnosed on the autistic spectrum and has had a long journey of an undiagnosis of Aspergers.

Olley has produced a "Girl’s Survival Guide to Growing Up with Asperger Syndrome" and I wanted to share it.

It’s not a massive book at 24 pages long but it’s packed full of usefulness tips and information about growing up in an NT (neuro typical/"normal") world.

The book is something that can be carried around in a bag and referred to when a little bit of reassurance/guidance is needed.

"Why Aren't Normal People Normal?" A guide by Olley Edwards

There are sections on:

Embracing your individuality

The puzzle of friendship

Inevitable naivety, vulnerable and being used


Hyper-focus and obsessions

Body Image and Identity

The book is full of tips to "steer a smart, intelligent, focused young woman away from vulnerability and obsessions controlling you and to make use of your ability to take control of your own condition, own circumstances".

It’s a guide that both my children will find useful, at their own pace. I particularly liked this table:

"Why Aren't Normal People Normal?" A guide by Olley Edwards

"Why Aren’t Normal People Normal?" is available via Olley (olleyedwards@hotmail.co,uk) or Chapter One bookshop http://www.chapteronewoodley.co.uk/ priced at £4.95.

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