Squeeeezing Snuggles! Sat 24th Aug 2013

By | August 24, 2013

If I could sum up our day in two words, it would be as per the title.

Poor D has needed to be close, needing "Mumma and Bunny cuddles", Bunny has not been allowed to be very far away (she never is) but it has been you-can’t-have-one-without-the-other.

I think it’s been a reaction to her hospital appointment and a busy town yesterday, I’ve noticed that she needs a quieter day following a busy one, this must be very difficult to her to compute following a mid-week school trip, for example.

She did brighten towards the end of her day and with a full tummy, so she’s enjoyed singing along to one of her favourite songs:

T’s had a good day, the local match this morning that he watched ended in a resounding win, following being in a losing position at half time.

This would appear to be his new book of choice, packed to the brim with facts and statistics. All just waiting to be absorbed by a very eager brain:

Squeeeezing Snuggles! Sat 24th Aug 2013

So, a quiet ‘n’ cuddly one for us, I hope everyone’s day has gone well. Comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘

Squeeeezing Snuggles! Sat 24th Aug 2013
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