Not a TGIF! Friday 9th August 2013

By | August 9, 2013

Hmmm….I wasn’t sure what to entitle tonight’s blog or even if I’d feel like doing a post. It has not been a good day. You know those sort of days where everything is so tense, it almost feels like just one little occurrence more and ….BOOM! …we have an eruption. That’s been our day, I wish (in an autism parent way) that we had had an eruption situation because then it was have happened, before over with and we could all move on. But it didn’t, everything just tensely simmered.

It’s been a combination of things really: we still haven’t found T’s books; the dog next door has chewed one of his favourite footballs – they don’t throw them back (roll on getting the trampoline tent sorted out) and his magazine subscription is late. Little things that would be irritating enough for T one by one, but add them all together, on the same day and it’s too much for him to process.

D woke up full of tears having lost Bunny overnight – aaaargh! (found quickly, thankfully) and has since alternated between fleeing to her room and wanting deep hugs as she picked up on the atmosphere.

We’ve tried to talk about today and all T will say is that it’s been "the worst day", unfortunately I haven’t been able to do or suggest anything to remedy it.

T was way too riddled with anxieties for us to contemplate going out, he hasn’t even wanted to have a bounce in the garden (next week’s job is definitely the trampoline tent) so he hasn’t really relaxed at all.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring some semblance of routine with a local football match to watch, it should help.

I decided to Wikipedia "Friday" to see if there was something witty about the end of the week and found this:

In some cultures, Friday is considered unlucky. This is particularly so in maritime circles; perhaps the most enduring sailing superstition is that it is unlucky to begin a voyage on a Friday.[5][6] In the 19th century Admiral William Henry Smyth, writing in his nautical lexicon The Sailor’s Word-Book, described Friday as

“ The Dies Infaustus, on which old seamen were desirous of not getting under weigh, as ill-omened.[7] ”
(Dies Infaustus means "unlucky day".[8]) This superstition is the root of the well-known urban legend of HMS Friday.


So..putting a positive spin on today, it could have been worse. Much worse. Fortunately T is more of a silent, angry protest and withdraw rather than the violence and shouting that encompasses D. It’s not nice comfortable to see him so agitated, so wound up though.

A new day tomorrow. I hope everyone’s day has gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘

Not a TGIF! Friday 9th August 2013
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