A little game involving chocolate…

By | August 27, 2013

One of the issues my autistic children have is recognising emotions and talking about their feelings, we’ve been trying to help that along with a new Freddo product from Cadburys.

A little game involving chocolate...

The Freddo packs contain an average of 11 faces, each showing one of the following expressions:







We’ve each had a packet (59p approx) and taken it in turns (another good exercise for autistic children) to pick out a face and say something about the emotion on the face:

A typical reply from D has been:

"I love Bunny"

And from T:

"I like thinking about football".

Once they’ve answered, they’re free to nibble the Freddo face, nom nom!

It’s got them thinking about their emotions and turn-taking, with a chocolate bonus. Can’t be bad!

We weren’t sent any free packs, nor have I been asked to promote them but wanted to share the game we’ve played.

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