Stings and shards Weds 17th July 2013 #autism #diarypost

By | July 17, 2013

Oh dear, today started off so well, so full of promise. But ended with the worst meltdown we’ve seen in D for quite a while.

She was unresponsive, hysterical and out of control.

It should have been a good evening, she went to Legoland with school today. There were anxieties over the fact that I wouldn’t be going with her (I did drop hints!) but with lots of reassurance that she’d have a really good time, she went into class.

It was a tired but happy girl I collected. She’d been on some of the rides she liked but obviously they had to cater for the majority of children and what with it being very hot and there being a lot of walking, she was tired.

It was while we were on the way home that Hubbie phoned about T, he’d had a call from school to say that T had been stung by a wasp and didn’t feel like doing after school club, so he was on his way to collect him.

My little man arrived home, with a swollen sore hand and told us that he’d been stung THIS MORNING. Now I know T isn’t the sort to make a fuss and wouldn’t say "it hurts, please phone my mum" but I would have thought a courtesy call with "he’s been stung but we feel he’s fine" would have been in order. The only calls we had were at 320pm on the home phone (umm…school run time) and Hubbie’s phone after, nothing else.

As it was, T couldn’t do any writing work this afternoon as his hand was too sore and had to do drawing instead, unlike D he’s not a drawer so it must have been frustrating.

D was sympathetic, she remembered when I’d been stung by a wasp, so that was a positive until…

They both decided they wanted to earn some "chore money" – I’m not a "meanie", if they ask I can always find something for them to do – and off they set. Sometimes it only takes a stern look from T or a comment and D is in agitated, could lead to angry, mode.

Cue D, saying she "quits" and wanting to lock herself in the baking-hot conservatory.

No joy there, so she goes into the hall and manages to pull a glass-framed poster down on top of herself.

Cue a hysterical D, broken glass surrounding her, shards everywhere. Next stop is a meltdown.

Cue a b a t h where I’m trying to get all the shards out of her hair, D having a nit-phobia is convinced that I’ve found nits. Cue another meltdown.

Fast forward and an emotionally and physically exhausted D has fallen asleep on me after melatonin and bear hugs.

And there’s T, looking on, holding his swollen wasp-stung hand. I’ve reassured him that it wasn’t his fault, that D was very tired anyway. His high-functioning response was that we have "When I Get Cross" posters everywhere in the house, she should have read one first.

The logic of a child, a high functioning child albeit one that can quickly change his sister’s mood with a glance or a comment.

That’s us! What an evening. I try end our blogs positively every evening…umm, roll on end of term!

Stings and shards Weds 17th July 2013 #autism #diarypost
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Karen on 17th July 2013 at 10:37 pm.

Poor kids, both in the wars, physically and emotionally 🙁

Hope D manages to sleep off her meltdown and that T is none the worse for his sting in the morning.

Unlucky about the poster but at least D wasn’t cut.

Hope you’re on the cooking sherry by now Jeannette! xxx


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