“Most Embarrassing Moment” #BlogADayJuly

By | July 27, 2013

Hmmm *blushes*, today’s blog prompt is "Most Embarrassing Moment".

I guess I’ve got quite a few contenders, here would be my Top Three:

Straight in at number 3 and it was more or less straight out again, would be having too much red wine at a works Christmas do and having to throw up out of the taxi cab’s window whilst it was moving. Bleurgh! Red wine and I do not mix.

"Most Embarrassing Moment" #BlogADayJuly

Number 2 – and this was something that made me cringe for years – was forgetting to lock the cubicle door in a nightclub. Again, alcohol had an influence. Nuff said.

"Most Embarrassing Moment" #BlogADayJuly

But number 1, pop pickers (or should that be poop pickers) would be during labour of C, my first child. None of the books I had read indicated that I would empty my b o w e l s involuntarily during the process as the baby bore down. I was mortified and couldn’t stop apologising to the midwife.

I was in a horribly clinical room with my first baby ten days late and did not know what to expect. In fact when C finally arrived there were no staff in the room as she’d popped out to get advice as things weren’t progressing well.

Labours with T and D were at home and much more relaxed.

With everything else connected with childbirth you’d think "pah, no problem" but ewwwww!!

"Most Embarrassing Moment" #BlogADayJuly

So, what have I learnt from my embarrassing moments?

I think it would be "Be prepared, read as much as you can" and do NOT drink red wine. Just don’t.

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