Dear Grumpy Man

By | July 26, 2013

Dear Grumpy Man

Oh, you were a pleasure to be on the bus with this morning.

Sitting there in your woolly hat whilst everyone else is in sunglasses and swearing. Maybe that was the reason you were so obnoxious.

One minute you’d be telling someone you were a stunt double for Bruce Lee, the next you’d be shouting "bl**dy idiots, how are people meant to get off?" when two buggies got on at one stop, making a total of three buggies – just three, all in their spaces, not blocking the gangway.

I was one of those buggy owners, it’s my only way I can get into town with my daughter. We all briefly exchanged eye contact and then made sure we didn’t catch your eye, not wanting or needing any further aggravation.

And then the bus arrived in town and you changed, you turned into some sort of conductor. Telling people when they could and couldn’t get off.

Thanks for swearing in front of my children and the other people on the bus, what an example to set.

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