#BlogADayJuly “What Did You Like/Dislike Most About School?”

By | July 12, 2013


Another day, another blogging challenge. Part of me is enjoying this because I don’t have to think of a title of topic, it’s already there. Another part is conscious of the fact that I’m producing three posts on some days and wondering if it’s overkill.

Anyway, today’s challenge concerned school, what did I like and dislike?

Whilst more people would just have a two-tier to their mainstream education – not counting university or college – I had three:

My early Primary school education was at a private school in Epsom. Oh yes, I wore a straw boater! (There are pictures somewhere, me in bunches, with a boater on, if I can find one, I’ll add it in at the later date.)

My older Primary education and then my Secondary school years.

#BlogADayJuly "What Did You Like/Dislike Most About School?"

It’s strange, I’ve googled my primary school in Epsom and nothing comes up. I presume it’s been converted into apartments or something but there is nothing online at all, weird.

Anyway, I remember being taught French at a very early age, reciting the times tables with an elderly teacher who used to rap people’s hands with a ruler and sardines on toast for dessert! Bleurgh! They were very strict about pupils finishing everything on their plates at lunchtime and I remember snuggling out these revolting "puddings" in my tunic pocket and throwing them into the honeysuckle outside as soon as I could. I cannot look at honeysuckle or tinned fish without remembering how revolting those so-called puddings were. I had a phobia about eating fish for years afterwards. Even today, I can only eat cod or haddock, anything remotely fish-smelling takes me right back.

#BlogADayJuly "What Did You Like/Dislike Most About School?"

Then, at 9 years old, everything changed. My parents divorced and we were living with my dad in Berkshire, new house, new school, new everything.

We must have stuck out like a sore thumb in suburbia, a single divorced father with three little daughters. I proved very good prey for bullies, who thought the new, shy girl with no visible mother was easy pickings. Needless to say, that middle school period was not enjoyable.

But then came secondary school, a comprehensive secondary school and a new start. I met my oldest friend during a macram̩ lesson Рwe were seated alphabetically by surname Рand we discovered we had things in common. Our macram̩ pot hanger efforts were terrible but we both left those lessons with something much more.

If the lessons weren’t fun, the walks to and from school were. I remember drinking blue slush puppies which were so cold it gave you brain freeze and trying to work out the best flavour in Revels (always orange, never coffee or toffee). Walks where we’d decide what we were going to do "when we grew up" and who with. Walks in the sunshine, the rain and the snow where we’d laugh if either one of us fell over on the ice.

Sixth form was good fun, a chance to only study those topics that you were really interested in, to wear non-uniform and prepare for the outside world. I remember one of the teachers used to wear bright yellow and orange tights and say "use this time to wear what you want because once you’re working, you won’t be able to" and she was right. My inner goth came out during that time, lots of black with a few chains (!)

So, what did I learn from school?

I guess, that the ones who bully are the ones who are insecure, not their victims. Something that I explain to T, he’s not bullied – fortunately – but there are children who are, for being perceived as "different".

And enjoy that carefree time, that time when the flavour of Revels was very important. priorities definitely change as you get older!

Thanks for reading Jx

#BlogADayJuly "What Did You Like/Dislike Most About School?"
#BlogADayJuly "What Did You Like/Dislike Most About School?"
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Karen on 14th July 2013 at 2:23 pm.

I’ll swap you all the orange ones for the coffee, they’re my favourite!


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