#BlogADayJuly “About Your Job”

By | July 24, 2013

To most people I don’t have a job. I’m a Stay At Home Mum.

I did, up until T was born. I was a working mother, a commuter from the suburbs to Euston everyday, going through the battle for a seat on the train or the tube before I’d even reached work. It was a relief to stop at 7 months pregnant.

Since then I’ve been a home-maker, looking after my children. Doing the prepare-the-evening-meal-for-when-Hubbie gets home.

I asked the children what my job was and T said "a blogger and a mother", D said "you take me to school".

So, I guess my job is:

A wife, a mother, a cook, a gardener, a cleaner, a child care person, a school run do-er, a first aider, a hairdresser, a personal stylist, a personal groomer (bath time duties), an agony aunt, a confidante, a negotiator with various professionals around SN matters, an autism awareness campaigner, a story reader, a negotiator between my children and a cuddler. And I blog a bit too.

No wonder I’m tired at night!!

#BlogADayJuly "About Your Job"
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