A Grand Day Out! Thurs 4th July 2013

By | July 4, 2013

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I typed that title thinking of Wallace and Gromit! I think – from memory – their Day Out was to the moon, fortunately T and D’s were closer to home!

A Grand Day Out! Thurs 4th July 2013

For D, it was a trip to Thames Valley Adventure Playground (or Taplow) as it’s known – http://www.tvap.co.uk D loves it there, it’s such a wonderfully inclusive place.

Here’s a post – http://www.autismmumma.com/2012/03/25/a-very-special-adventure-playground/

– I wrote previously, it’s a fantastic place for her to visit with school and we go as a family too.

A Grand Day Out! Thurs 4th July 2013

The poor thing was absolutely exhausted when I collected her though, happy but exhausted. They’d come back from a day running around the playground and gone swimming!

T’s had a good offsite day too, he tried out a "taster day" at the local secondary school – which he won’t be going to btw! He had the change to try out Year 7 work (and being high-functioning) loved it! There was some sort of experiment in Science with boiling up a jelly baby via a Bunsen burner.

The cynic in me knows that the school has hand-picked the best of the lessons for them and basically the day was aimed at getting them eager and onto roll early – everyone was given a prospectus to take home – but T enjoyed it, that’s the main thing.

A tired pair this evening though, it’s felt like either of them could implode very easily. Fortunately each took to the activities that calm and self-regulate themselves.

Two weeks tomorrow until the end of term, I think we’re all counting down. I’m not looking forward to making sure every day is structured and fulfilled – it would be nice to just chill – but I’m going to enjoy not having to dash out of the house on time every morning.

It’s been a busy, action-packed week for T and D, hopefully tomorrow will be a calmer, routine-like end to the school week, they could both do with it.

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I hope everyone’s had a good day, comments/RTs/shares welcomed, thanks for reading Jx

A Grand Day Out! Thurs 4th July 2013
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Robert on 5th July 2013 at 12:59 am.

wow thats quite the fun she had. the end of year always poses to be a challenge to be structured routine like everyday. i know we’ve been at the park just about everyday with some learning centre time and library. did u get my last message i sent over at wordpress?


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