Symmetry Friday 28th June 2013

By | June 28, 2013

My first diary post on Overblog, I've got very used to blogging with Wordpress, this feels strange but good. 

It's been a positive end to the week, both children tired but happy and looking forward to the weekend: T with his football tomorrow and D with our trip on Sunday.  

Neither have said much about their days at school but D's made a bracelet today, she was promised she could by her teacher after the initial disappointment of sports day on Wednesday (she came 4th in her first race, missing out on a medal, which caused a subsequent meltdown).

D's teacher was very impressed with th symmetry shown by D in making the bracelet, she followed her own pattern, without assistance.

I'm keeping this post short but sweet tonight, worried it won't work, worried that it won't transfer to twitter – my previous drafts disappeared!

So, thank you for reading and as ever, I'm very grateful for comments/RTs and shares Jx 😘

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