“Oh dear, my cows are loose” A #Funee post

By | June 22, 2013

It’s been a strange week, to say the least.

The sudden news that the consultants had done a u-turn and agreed to perform the operation on my mum to remove her cancerous kidney, the worry that it was a high-risk operation, the waiting, the relief when she DID survive it and the complications afterwards.

Through all this, the children have needed their routine, their stability and – although I’ve only told them the minimum – I have been a bit of a snappy Mumma when worry and tiredness took over *slaps wrist*.

I’ve taken a day off from hospital visits today, D was (and still is) very unsettled and her mantra has been “Mumma, don’t leave me”.

We’d popped to my mums house today to get some washing done and she coped very well with the empty house as long as she knew where I was, it still felt strange that no-one was there.

Chores done, we were heading home and suddenly D said loudly;

“Oh dear, my cows are loose”.

Not the sort of average saying you’d expect from your child in the back seat.
It took me a few minutes to realise she was talking about Minecraft and it was definitely a #funee and a chance to have a little well-needed laugh.

Congrats to @ActuallyMummy for her win in the Brilliance In Blogging awards, definitely very well deserved.

“Oh dear, my cows are loose” A #Funee post
“Oh dear, my cows are loose” A #Funee post
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