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By | June 13, 2013

I really enjoying linking up with Vicky at for #Prose4T every week. It’s a chance to think outside my “Mumma/carer/wife” box for a little while.

I wrote a post earlier this year about my Christian name, the various ways it could be spelt and, surprisingly, the random items that bear my name…Jeannette Moulinex anyone?


One of my favourite Autism Awareness posts is entitled A is for …. Autism and I thought I’d try the same for #Prose4T and my name, encompassing my little quirks!

Here goes:

I am Jeannette, I am me. There’s nine letters in my name you see.

J is for joker. I like to laugh.
Silly toilet humour words like parp, burp and barf.

E is for enthusiastic. Set me a challenge and I’ll do it.
My stubbornness overtakes and I’ll work my way through it.

A is for Autism Awareness, a mission I hold dear.
With two diagnosed children, my determination is clear.

N is for nonsense, I don’t take and won’t give it.
Call a spade a spade is my motto, two-faced people can go leg it!

N is also for Nettie, my childhood nickname.
I tried it in adulthood, it wasn’t the same.

E is for energy, sometimes I have none.
I wish I had oodles of it, to get more done.

T is for time, it goes by too fast.
I don’t feel my age but try not to live in the past.
(apart from music)

T is also for my son, he makes me so proud.
He and his sister, being autistic, they don’t like a crowd.

E is for that’s everything, I can’t add any more.
Nine letters, three E’s, learning to write it…cor!


Thanks for reading Jx

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