Mañana mañana Mon 10th June 2013

By | June 10, 2013

It’s probably no coincidence that in National Carers Week I’m starting the week feeling shattered. But, like so many autism parents, the need to “keep calm and carry on” takes priority, this week will be better!

Our day didn’t start brilliantly, D was extremely grumpy and T very tired, it’s six weeks to the summer break and it’s much needed.

But, routines adhered to, and both in their separate schools happily (ish), I wanted to walk away whistling Things Can Only Get Better.

And they sort of did. D has alternated between being excited about her school trip tomorrow (they’re going to a country park and then a soft play centre) and worrying that she’ll be sat next to the child who wants to drop bombs on her (he’s very fascinated by the Battle of Britain and wants to rein-act it in the playground daily),

The thing she’s most excited about having an ice-cream, D is definitely governed by her tummy.

T’s had a good day too, he’s also looking forward to tomorrow as he has after-school club football.

So, I’m hoping that a decent sleep is had by all and tomorrow will be a good one.

I’m ending with D’s favourite Youtube video ever because it’s guaranteed to make anyone smile – Here Comes The Sun.

Happy Monday Jx 😘

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