When autism smacks you down.. – April is Autism Awareness Month – Day 10 of 30

By | April 10, 2013

I have often talked about being so grateful to have signed up on Twitter some 15 months ago. I still don’t know why I initially pressed that button but I’m so glad I did. The feeling of isolation at times as a Special Needs parent is something that only another SN parent/carer can understand.

My revisited post (below) describes on such situation:

When Autism smacks you down and some kind words lift you back up…

Sometimes you can feel like you’re coasting, sticking to the routines that are so important to an autistic child. The snacks and meals are produced at the right time, the routes to and from school are not deviated from, the nighttime routine is followed religiously to (try and) ensure a peaceful night’s sleep for them.

And then something happens (as detailed in yesterday’s blog) and …..whack, slam, boom (imagine Batman and Robin graphics here)…you’re floored by autism temporarily but painfully.

This is where Twitter can be so wonderful. The autism community always has someone around to offer advice, support or a virtual hug. In yesterday’s case, it was advice from lovely Lisa (@lisajohnstone72) who suggested that we use PECs in future to enable D to move on quicker from situations that she is stuck in. In last night’s blog (in case you haven’t seen it) she was saying “sorry” for about an hour, with a completely blank expression in her eyes and on her face, Hubbie said this morning that she had been rocking whilst saying it too.

It left me thinking well, should I have made T and D apologise (yes, I still think) but now know that some visuals would (hopefully) have closed the situation sooner.

It then made me think and wonder for D. When she was diagnosed, we got the “your daughter is emotionally xx years behind her peers” and “speech is delayed by xxx”, I can’t remember the exact numbers quoted but both were a good few years behind, I wouldn’t mind an update to that but cuts and lack of funding would make that an impossible request. I presume she is still behind emotionally and mentally but in a body that is a few years ahead, my poor little love!

So…this is where Twitter is great, we all have our worries, concerns and fears for the future but there are kindred spirits around who can laugh, cry and joke with you.”

I’m enjoying re-reading posts that I wrote over a year ago. They’re still as relevant and I guess, to a certain extent, they always will be.

Today has been a good one, on the whole. T went off to watch a local football match with Hubbie, and hopefully rattle a collection tin, so D and I had a girlie afternoon at the local shops.

She did very well, the bonus to the community in our village is that the majority of people do their shopping in the morning; you see them revving up outside Waitrose, waiting for the doors to slide open. So, the afternoons are generally much quieter.

We even managed to get her feet measured and unlike the adverse reactions of T yesterday, D did brilliantly. Picking out some flowery trainers for when funds next allow.

Despite there being 18 months between T and D – he’s older – this is the first time that they’ve both had the same shoe size. D overtook T about two years ago, both in height and shoe size, and he’s delighted to have caught up.

I know I’d be writing a completely different blog if things had been busier, life seems to be a constant risk-assessment, a necessity.

It’s been a good evening too, D tore out little shapes from paper to make a table, chair, cutlery and food. Her dexterity amazes me sometimes, I’m sure she’d enjoy pottery in years to come.

Ending positively, I hope everyone’s had a good day, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading. Jx 😘


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