A is for …Autism – April is Autism Awareness Month – Day 5 of 30

By | April 5, 2013

As previously, the diary post will be at the end of the blog.

Tonight’s revisited post is another one that just spilt out one day, I was playing around images of red apples (D’s favourite fruit), thought of the alphabet and here it is:

“A is for …Autism:

One of the reasons I am on Twitter – in fact, my main reason now – is to raise Autism awareness. The good and the bad elements. There are people who say that autism parents shouldn’t be posting positive messages but if you can’t reassure those parents who are newly facing a diagnosis that, once they have grieved for the child they won’t have, they will embrace and accept the child that they do – even if at times you’re thinking “autism sucks, I hate autism with a passion today” – then you may just as well give up.

So, let’s start negatively:

A is for:
Anger – why me? Why my child? What have I and they done to deserve this – this label?
Also, A is for Attitude – the looks, the stares, the comments you receive when you take your child out. Would they make those same comments if D was in a wheelchair or on crutches? Also, Anxiety – handed out to our children in bucketloads.

U is for:
Unwilling. We’ve all been there, that reluctance to try new foods, to go to new places or enter a shop if it’s too noisy/too many people. We can’t just scoop our children up and head out at a moments notice – it all needs planning.

T is for:
Tiring. It is exhausting parenting a special needs child. Autism is relentless, you have to keep going if you have had little or no sleep/if you are ill because the routines need to be adhered to.

I is for:
Ignorance of other people, very similar to attitude.

S is for:
Selfish. Again, autism does not recognise that you may need to be doing something and your child needs to be doing something else. It will not wait for you.

M is for:
(we all know this one) Meltdown. You can spot the triggers and try to prevent it, but if it’s coming, it’s coming and there isn’t a lot you can do to stop it. Just ride with it and pick up the pieces afterwards.

Okay, now we’re depressed, let’s find some positives, this is the point where I think “did I spell that right?”

Thinking, happy positive thoughts now…

A is for:
Awesome. That feeling when your child does something unprompted and unexpected. The first time D wrote her name was amazing, that unexpected “I love you” or if your child is non-verbal, that love in their eyes – unbeatable.

U is for:
Unstoppable. That OCD element, that makes them want to carry on until they are happy with what they are doing. In D’s case, it’s the constant drawing until she is happy with what she’s doing. That perfectionist element.

T is for:
Triumph. Similar to awesome. That feeling when something is achieved. Even if they don’t appreciate what they have just done. A year ago, I still wasn’t sure if D would be able to read, now she reads to me!

I is for:
Individual. My daughter isn’t going to be a fake-tanned, hair straightening teenager, she’s D, with her faithful companion Bunny.

S is for:
Special, and not just as in “special needs”, when she smiles, it’s like a light shining in the darkness.

M is for:
Mumma. That’s me *waves*. I’m proud of my children and thanks for reading this, please comment/share and help to raise not just Awareness but also Acceptance.”

Our day:

It’s been a mostly calm day, apart from T and D arguing over something extremely trivial but neither of them wanting to back down. It saddens me that they are both so determined, so single-minded when it comes to arguments but … I know I’m lucky, they’re both verbal and they’re happy, most of the time. One of the moments when I had to step in, use my firm voice – which neither of them like – and bring an end to it.

It hasn’t all been squabbles though, D has decided that Gem – one of her little toys that she carries everywhere – has a birthday tomorrow, Gem will be 10.


The picture above is Gem. Even though it’s her birthday tomorrow, she’s had a party today with a play tea-set that gets the occasional play with.

We’ve sung “Happy Birthday” and “eaten” pretend cake. On D’s terms, the party finished when she decided it would but…it’s progress.

D’s done a lovely drawing of Gem, the detail is amazing:


The full picture is below, for the first time I’m in glasses, the likeness is uncanny. We’re on cloud-bursts apparently. I love her drawings!

I had a bit of a rant either, here’s the post if anyone hasn’t seen – Dear Mr Osborne (click to read).

It’s Friday! Wishing everyone a good weekend, thanks for reading, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘

Here’s my JustGiving page (click to go to the site) if anyone would like to donate, or text AMUM76 £1 or amount to 70070.


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