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By | April 1, 2013

Today’s Magic Moment – linking in with Oliversmadhouse – is a Magic Moment/Music Monday combo. Well, multi-tasking is always a bonus!

I do a Music Monday post most weeks, it’s a chance to remember a song that I haven’t heard for a while/analyse a favourite one, pick apart the lyrics and remember why I like it.

Music has an ability to either lift the spirits or drag you down, depending on the contents and tempo. As I don’t drive and therefore do a lot of walking, my phone with its earworms is a necessity. I was attacked two years ago and the music also acts as a barrier, shutting it all away.

I did a post recently on the single that first got me into music – click to read the post on Vienna here– and today’s Magic Moment concerns finally seeing the group live.

When Ultravox were really popular, I was too young to be allowed to go to a concert and then the group imploded. They had previously released a live video (Monument) which I used to watch it on VHS, eventually it came out on CD/DVD and I could play it to the children.

Midge Ure carried on as a solo artist and we met him at one concert, my delight at meeting him was slightly marred by the fact I was pregnant with T and determined not to go “bleurgh” all over my favourite singer, nauseous was not the word!


But that is not my magic moment…

Three years ago, Ultravox reformed for – what was at first just – a tour and then last year an album of completely new material.

I saw my favourite group live, not once but twice, two years running. We took D both times and our daughter sat and drew with ear defenders on whilst I soaked up the atmosphere.

And what an atmosphere it was. So many people there for the music.

Today’s Magic Moment and Music Monday is this song Hymn – click to view the official live video. It was amazing to be there and watching the video brings it all back. The audience participation 4 mins 16seconds on was brilliant, Midge – not the greatest chatterbox during concerts ever – is so obviously appreciative.

This has always been one of my favourite songs, the atmospheric start and the rocking guitar section, it combines wonderfully.

Here’s the lyrics:
“Give us this day all that you showed me –
The power and the glory
till my kingdom comes.
Give us this day all that you showed me –
The power and the glory
till my kingdom comes.
Give me all the storybook told me
The faith and the glory
till my kingdom comes.
And they said that in our time all that’s good will fall from grace.
Even saints would turn their face in our time.
And they told us that in our days
Different words said in different ways
Have other meanings from he who says in our time:
Give us this day all that you showed me – . . .
And they said that in our time we would reap from their legacy

We would learn from what they had seen in our time.
And they told us that in our days
We would know what was high on high

We would follow and not defy in our time.
Give us this day all that you showed me – . . .
Faithless in faith
we must behold the things we see.
Give us this day all that you showed me.”

So it was a moment I never thought I’d see – once let alone twice – and one that I’ll never forget. So glad I was there.

The one downside was that T and D were so used to the previous (very old) DVD that they took some persuading that the older men were the same group. Quality will out though!

For more information on Ultravox click here to go to the official website, some tour dates have recently been announced with Simple Minds.


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