We are loving being in Team Skylanders!

By | March 26, 2013

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We were very happy (nay, overjoyed) to be chosen to be part of Team Skylanders by tots100.co.uk and here was our original review post – click here to read.

I’ve found previously with toys/games that T and D very quickly lose interest and barely-used games end up on eBay/charity shops (I blogged about Toys and Autism here).

Not so with the Skylanders! 3 months on and we are all enjoying the game as much as ever (yes, I have been known to waggle a joystick thingy too).

There are so many different levels in the game, puzzles that can only be accessed with a particular Skylander – for example, an Undead Skylander can access a bonus Undead area – that I don’t think we’ll ever complete 100% of the game.

I have to admit a teensy-weensy Skylander crush….Eyebrawl. His “party piece” is that his eye bounces out of its socket and he says “let’s have a look around”, always makes us giggle!


T likes the smashing/crashing ones and D’s favourites are the gentler ones – FlashWing, for example, which has a home in her bag when it’s not being played with.

Do we still really enjoy the game three months on? Oh yes indeedy. Is my purse lighter because of Skylanders figures? That would be telling, I’ll just *nod*.

Thank you tots100, it’s a definite favourite!

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