Too shy .. Thurs 28.02.2013

By | February 28, 2013

Last day of February today, spring is on the way.

Our school run journeys are now taken over by crocus and snowdrop spotting and daisy picking. In addition, there are stones of various shapes and sizes to be admired and little things that other people would just pass on by, like a paper clip, a tiny bit of plastic, a stream of paper from a party popper. They all get collected and passed to me for my pocket.

It’s at times that this that I marvel at the detail that D notices, she might not be aware of the environment around her – the road dangers for example – but through her, I notice things that I otherwise would not, and it’s lovely.

“Too shy” refers to how she felt about going in to school today. It’s a term she uses when she’s feeling anxious or nervous. In today’s case it was over the fact that her class had swimming this afternoon and, for D, it means changing away from the rest of her all-boy class for privacy/decency reasons.

I left my “too shy” girl with her teacher, knowing that she’d have a good day once she got into the routine.

And she did, up until the very end of the day when she stubbed her toe on a bench. It was a very tearful D we collected, made worse by the fact she could see a tiny little scratch on her toe.

We let her travel at her own pace on the way back – T was at Coding club so there wasn’t a desperate hurry from school to school – and D happily collected stones, pebbles and daisies, taking her mind nicely off her toe.

This evening she’s been colouring her booty (said stones and pebbles) with metallic pens. All very methodical and precise, it calmed her.

T has had a better day, he seemed to take on the “tomorrow is a new day” after his misunderstood day at school yesterday, the knowledge that it’s Friday tomorrow will have helped too. He’ll also (hopefully) have a football match to play this weekend after circumstances in the other teams meant both were postponed last weekend.

If you haven’t already, please read this link to my post on Anna Kennedy, one of the Tesco Mum of the Year winners. Every RT enters the RT-er into a draw to win a copy of her very inspiring book, a must-read for autism parents/carers/people interested in knowing more about the autistic spectrum.

So, that’s our day, I hope everyone’s days have gone well, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘



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