Highs and lows Weds 27.02.2013

By | February 27, 2013

I need to say a MEGA thank you for all the RTs of the #tescomumoftheyear Anna Kennedy post. She’s a very deserving winner and the more publicity the better for this fab event being televised on Mothers Day. There is also an autism book giveaway on the post, so please scroll down and have a read/RT if you haven’t already.

Today has been a good one for D, a not-so-good one for T, unfortunately.

I’ll start with D. My little songbird was still singing away this morning on the way to school, they were delighted that she’s agreed to be in the choir for the performance of “Joseph”. Her morning was made all the cuter by a note from a boy in another class “Dear D, you’re still my girlfriend. Xxx”. She blushed, bless her. I guess being the only girl does have its advantages!

Class had watched the “Joseph” DVD today and she’s been singing the songs all the way home and this evening. Tonight she decided that it was Bunny’s birthday so we’ve all sung to the Bunnster. When I said that Bunny should make a wish, D replied “Bunny wishes to always be with me”. I bet she does, faithful old Bunny.

T, unfortunately, hasn’t had a good day. Due to the fact that another child was being unruly in class and, in doing so, made the rest of them laugh. Well, they are 10 year olds. He and a group of others – but not the original child – lost half their lunch break and were reprimanded. It sounds like T stood up for what he considered to be unjust punishment – he is a very black and white thinker, there is no grey area – and this made things worse. I don’t know. We’ve told him it’s a new day tomorrow and these things shouldn’t be dwelled on, but he was very frustrated by it all.

I guess this just highlights the differences between the two of them, if something/someone upsets D, it’s like a box of fireworks have been lit, we have stomps/shouting/bolting/a meltdown.
With T, it’s a more considered, rational approach at first but it can lead to a silent withdrawal and silent protest. It takes a while to “get him back” afterwards.

But that’s life, that’s parenting. Two very individual children and – I guess – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope everyone’s had a good day, comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘



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