Don’t forget young disabled adults

By | January 28, 2013

I look at D and I worry for her future. In an ideal world she’d spend her preparation for adult life in the family home, find a partner, get married etc.

In reality, as much as I’d like to envisage that, I can’t see it happening.

Which is why this news story has concerned me “Disabled people “could be forgotten” amid social care reform”, click here to read the story.

A quote from the story “nearly 40% were failing to get enough help to ensure their basic needs, including eating properly, washing and dressing were met.”

As D’s mum, of course I’d always like to be around and physically able to help her, no matter where she was living. But what if I couldn’t? Through illness or worse.

The eligibility criteria will only tighten as this Government forces more cuts through.

Will the disabled adult generation of the future (and now) be granted a secure, dignified way of life? I’m doubtful.

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Bill Wong (@BillWongOT) on 3rd February 2013 at 12:28 am.

I am an OT who won’t. As someone who knows how fortunate I really am now in comparison to many adults with autism, I will do whatever it takes to help other adults on the autism spectrum to have the best future they can have.


AutismMumma on 5th February 2013 at 11:41 am.

Thank you, unfortunately my daughter’s OT at school doesn’t understand the anxieties associated with autism at all. I’m glad you do.


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