Music Monday

By | January 14, 2013

Today’s “Music Monday” is Sometimes by Erasure.

I couldn’t find an official video-type-video so the link was a live performance from YouTube.

The lyrics are below, I’m not going to analyse them as I just like the song:

“It’s not the way you lead me
By the hand into the bedroom
It’s not the way you throw your clothes
Upon the bathroom floor
Been thinking about you
I just couldn’t wait to see
Fling my arms around you
As we fall in ecstasy

Ooh sometimes
The truth is harder
Than the pain inside
Ooh sometimes
It’s the broken heart
That decides

It’s not the way you caress me
Toy with my affection
It’s not my sense of emptiness
You fill with your desire
Climb in bed beside me
We can lock the world outside
Touch me satisfy me
Warm your body next to mine

Chorus to fade”

But I will add that Hubbie thought the “it’s not the way you throw your clothes on the bedroom floor” applied to him.

I downloaded the Ministry of Sound Electronic 80’s recently and I’m enjoying revisiting songs that I hadn’t heard in years.

For more information on Erasure, click here for their official website.

Thanks for reading Jx 😘

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