Thursday 13th December – still singing away ..

By | December 13, 2012

If you haven’t already, please have a read of my Our “Mile for Autism” post and let Charlotte know – either via comment as she has re-blogged the post or directly at @clkh_ – if you are able to walk any miles for her and the boys. We did ours this morning and it was nice to take some time, stop and appreciate the sights around us that we normally whizz past.

Our day:
After the wonderful Nativity play yesterday, D was a very happy girl. She was still singing the songs that her class had learnt and she will pause for the music too at the appropriate places. I didn’t realise until yesterday how few girls there were in the two classes combined – in fact, there wasn’t another one on stage! – so I guess D was the only choice for Mary (I’m not going to belittle it at all, it takes a lot to not only stand up in front of people and sing too).

We were waiting for her TA to arrive whilst looking at the Christmas tree in reception and parents were going past telling her how well she’d done yesterday. She looked at me and said “am I famous now, Mumma?” Bless her! I replied that a lot of people were very pleased that she’d sung so well and been a lovely Mary (ok, I’m a teensy bit biased!)

She was quite grumpy at the end of the school day. They’d had swimming – which she enjoys – but segregated changing – which she doesn’t and as the only girl, she has to change away from the rest of class, “locked away” she describes it as but I don’t think it’s that bad! I hope she’s with some other girls in class next year, she is very happy on the whole but it would be helpful for her (she does have opportunities to mix with girls in the next year above at break and lunchtimes).

This evening has been a “softly softly” approach, both T and D were tired after their days, they’ve both put a lot into their performances and the undoubted change to their school routines can’t have been easy.

T is counting down the HOURS to Christmas, not just the days! My little stat-man. He could do with one of those massive clocks that were used to countdown to the Olympics – now there’s a thought!

Both relieved it’s Friday tomorrow and getting closer to the end of term.

I hope everyone’s had a good day and any nativity/play performances went well. There is always so much work that goes into these performances – pupils, teachers, TAs, the scene makers, music etc – it’s a lovely time of year.

Comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘


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