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By | December 9, 2012

Or tweet, text, blog, connect on Facebook …

The death of Jacintha Saldanha was a shocking end to a “prank”, even more so was the way some elements of social media reacted to the news.

“It’s only a mistake at work” said one tweet. Not many people can say that a “mistake” at work is broadcast around the world, no doubt listened to by millions and the instigators of that “mistake” openly proud of themselves (at the time) for the publicity they’ve generated for their radio station.

Unless you’re Nick Leeson (for example) most mistakes are minor and not really discussed again. I guess poor Jacintha found it impossible to move on from the anxiety she felt.

Suicide is final, there is no going back from that. There was a very good post this week on the Tots100 this week regarding suicide and how we should discuss mental health issues more openly.

Unfortunately I know from very recent experience that suicide in the family is not an easy topic to discuss, especially with children. It was extremely hard to try and explain to our ten year old why someone would feel so low, so unable to discuss what was wrong that that was the only way out for them, but it was necessary.

There are various stages through coming to terms with a suicide – shock, anger and then a profound sadness. I hope that the various media elements will allow Jacintha’s family, friends and colleagues the necessary space to enable them to come to terms with her death.

If you, or anyone you know are feeling so low that you cannot see a way forward, reach out – talk, tweet but please tell people. Two people a day commit suicide, that is two too many.

These organisations can help you SAMH and The Samaritans if you would prefer to talk to an impartial individual you don’t know, but please tell someone.

Thanks for reading.

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