Thursday 8th November – squabbles blooming squabbles

By | November 8, 2012

It’s been one of those days today; separately T and D have been fine, put them together and the proverbial fur has been flying.

(The fur is flying in our house literally at the moment, the two cat sisters – Itsey and Bitsey – have got in on the act and are chasing each other around the house. Ears flattened, tails bushy, paws a-swiping.)

I think today’s ill mood has originally stemmed from the fact that T had to re-do his homework (he handed it in to TA and it’s been mislaid), he’s an absolute stickler for doing his homework and getting it in on time so this has really, really annoyed him. He doesn’t like criticism of any kind – justified or otherwise – so his homework was re-done last night, very begrudgingly and the after-effects were still lingering this morning.

As a consequence, T and D were falling out over the slightest little thing today – a simple request to pass the Sellotape was met by a threat to leave home from D and some time on the step (she put herself there).

Underlying it all additionally was the fact that D also had swimming today – she has anxieties around having to change separately and by herself – so she was simmering nicely too!

I was very relieved to firstly drop off T and then D at their respective schools.

Despite having both had good days (separately), they were soon back to nit-picking this afternoon and evening. Which continued until T went off to football practice and D practised her Christmas play songs with me – completely different child! She sang them wonderfully, I hope nerves don’t overtake nearer the time.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better one for everyone – cats included! 🐱🙀😾

I hope everyone’s had a good day (or at least better than ours), comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘



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