Wednesday 10th October – Happy Days are here again….ATISHOO!

By | October 10, 2012

This is me tonight, well…a female version!


I had some fab anxiety strategy suggestions after last night’s blog – thank you very much.

I guess one of the things I’ve missed this term is that D was always brought out to me, five minutes before the end of the school day. Sometimes the timing wasn’t right and she was being brought out as all the transport escorts were crowding around the doors waiting to come in. She’d get invariably scared by them and bolt. BUT, on a good day she’d run over to me, massive grin shouting “Mumma!” and whatever had happened that day, we’d cuddle it away.

Staff shortages etc mean that I now need to collect her from class, at the same time as everyone else so we don’t get the run, the “Mumma” and the bear hug. I mentioned to her this morning that I really missed that part of our day and could she remember it as it was lovely and …this afternoon she did, I didn’t get the run-up (busy corridor) but I got the rest and that was wonderful.


She enjoyed it too and she walked for some of the way, her arm in my arm.
Her good mood has carried on this evening, she’s got a cold so she’s very snuffly but she’s been happy and chatty about her day and it’s been nice.

The way she comes out of school really affects the way the rest of our evening goes, it’s only when it’s a good one that you look back and think “I wish there were more like this” but external factors and anxieties get in the way.

I guess if I remind her every morning when she goes in how I’d like to see her in the afternoon, that will help. It certainly worked today. Or maybe today was just a fluke (pessimistic me) but whatever it was….it was needed and appreciated.

Not sure if she’ll be in tomorrow, her cold has taken hold and her poor little nose is channelling Rudolph. School aren’t very keen on colds in class, germs get spread about very easily when you have a few children who forget to cough with their hand over their mouth/sneeze over each other etc.


Speaking of all things vile and germ-y, T has decided he’d like a “Trash Pack Scum Drum” for his birthday in a month – bizarre!


On that note, I’ll say I hope everyone’s had a good day. Thanks for reading and comments/RTs/shares as ever welcomed Jx 😘



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