Tuesday September 11th – Remembrance and irresponsible dog owners

By | September 11, 2012

September 11th or 911, eleven years ago today that that atrocity happened. It still doesn’t seem possible. Such a senseless horrific act, so many brave souls losing their lives. You didn’t want to watch the TV screens because you were watching people actually dying but at the same time, horrified that a proportion of mankind could willingly do this to innocent people, just going about their daily work, providing for their families. Those brave men and women should never be forgotten. God bless them.


Our day:

We had a pretty bad start to the day.

Everything was fine, T dropped off okay timing-wise and D and I stopped at the park for her ten swings. She was happily walking alongside me when a dog (this is a children’s park remember) on one of those extendable leads went for her. Snarling and growling and the owner seemed oblivious, didn’t rein in the dog or anything. D bolted, screaming and (thank goodness) stopped just before the road, under a tree. Did the owner come and see if everything was okay? No. Did she shout an apology? No. By the time I’d caught up with D and looked back she’s scuttled off, with her beast. I hope I see her tomorrow. I’d like to ask her why she was walking her animal in a park (with a “no dogs” sign) and why she didn’t seem bothered that D could very easily have run into the road because of her animal. Poor D.

She was eventually calm enough to get to school and I made sure they knew what had happened. Big hugs and away she went with her TA.

I spent much of today trying to prepare for my meeting with the SenCo at T’s school. I really thought I was ok about it but nerves have crept in over the afternoon. At least it’s in the morning.

D had just finished PE when I collected her. I was relieved to see that she’d changed separately from the boys, she’s the one girl in a class of nine. She was really pleased to see me and said they’d done football and that I wasn’t to tell T because he’d get grumpy!

Our afternoon has been okay, each doing their own thing but happy. T reading his Match magazine, D playing with her farm animals. (I didn’t realise until today that I had a whole host of playmobil farm animals in my handbag. Is this my phone? No, it’s a female pink pig and her babies etc) D hasn’t been as tired as yesterday so a wail-free evening routine.

So, that’s us, a relatively calm one (dog aside). We haven’t mentioned it tonight so *fingers crossed* there are no midnight anxieties, she’s had her melatonin.

I hope everyone’s had a good day, comments/RTs as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘



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