Wednesday 22nd August – butterfly visits & sensory issues

By | August 22, 2012

It’s been quite a good day today, no rain, no external issues…just nice. Humorous in parts though…

There’s lots of little “me” things that I’m unable to do in the holidays as it would mean dragging T & D along. Manicure I can achieve by taking D with me as she’s familiar with the place etc but the majority of “me-time” things are put on hold for six weeks.

This morning I took the bull-by-the-horns (not literally, we don’t have a bull – two cats, three piggie but def no bull) and decided I’d get my roots (hair) sorted before D woke up. I hadn’t relied on my D’s extraordinary nostrils. Cue a sleepy little girl saying “what’s that terrible smell” and then “I’m NEVER doing that to my hair when I’m grown up, urgh, what a horrible smell” etc etc.


Mind you by the time she’s old enough to potentially want to change her hair colour (I wonder if she will?), hair dyes etc may be slightly nicer smelling by then.

They’ve spent most of the day playing in the paddling pool again – brrr, and even when the sun broke through the clouds, it still wasn’t that warm! – neither of them seeming to feel the cold, in fact T was spraying himself with the hose at one point!

We have a lot of buddelia in the back garden, which always attract butterflies and D was convinced that one of them were one of “our” ones that we cultivated about 2 months ago. She was chatting away to it and waved it off when it eventually flew away. She was amazed when the same butterfly flew onto her spare swimming costume on the washing line – it obviously liked the very flowery print!

It wouldn’t be a day in our household without a few stomp-offs, mostly when T was doing something D didn’t like and vice-versa. D has had a couple of flapping, jumping shrieking moments too but a gentle reminder to “use your words” seemed to help.

Once I could finally get my little fishes out of the pool, they enjoyed playing this, with T drawing a target for D to aim at on the blackboard wall:



Of course it will more than likely be completely different tomorrow but it’s been okay. I hope everyone’s had a good day too, comments/RTs as ever, thanks for reading Jx 😘



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