Monday 9th July

By | July 9, 2012

It’s nice to think that in two weeks time we won’t be tearing out of the house to get two children to two schools, but as an autism parent knows, the school
holidays present their own challenges with lack of routine, unfamiliar places and if we do venture out, the attitudes of others.

T has worked out to the minute how long he has left at school until the summer holidays – my little mathematician!

On with our day…

I had a bit of a mixed message from school last week, subtle little “oh D is getting here later” and they are the ones telling me she HAS to walk to get the weight-bearing sensory regulations etc. If she is going to walk then we are bound to get there later! End of term niggles Me’thinks.

So…D walked about a third of the way, two thirds in her buggy. She was happily reading her Ice Age 4 freebie book and I figured a third walking is better than nothing.

She was a bit anxious when we got to school, the teachers were all dressed in Indian costumes and the children all had costumes to wear too, as part of their Olympic countdown. There was Indian music playing in the classroom too so it took some persuasion to get her in – change of routine etc.

She came out very well at the end of day, with her school report and details of her class in September. Very happy with the teacher and TAs she’s been allocated, not sure if she’ll be in with the same class as there’s two parallel classes.

I had a quick look at her report before we set off and it definitely deserved an ice cream from the van – normally a Wednesday/Thursday treat! D demonstrated on the way back how they’d danced to Indian music and said that they were going to try samosas this afternoon but she didn’t want to and said so…well done D! Normally she gets very anxious about that sort of issue and then saves up that anxiety until she comes out of school, which can lead to a few shouts and a bolt.

Once we’d met up with T, he had his school report too – brilliant little man that he is!

They’ve had a good evening, a few niggly moments but lots of fun on the trampoline. They have this game where they try and outdo each other strength-wise and the determination on both their faces…so funny!

D has her mini trip tomorrow morning to see the Olympic torch with school. She is veering between anxiousness and positivity about it. She has to be at school VERY early tomorrow – 715am (gulp!) – so Hubbie is going to take her in his van. I’m packing Bunny in a little over-body bag and hope the TAs will let her take it. The itinerary sounds really exciting, I hope it’s something she enjoys and remembers for the right reasons.

This was on a notice board outside our local church today, topical:


I hope everyone’s had a good day, thanks for reading and comments/RTs as ever welcomed Jx 😘

Tonight’s end picture is something I saw on twitter yesterday, not sure where it originated from but it makes you think… x


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