By | June 20, 2012

Got a few questions buzzing around my head….

Why is this Government attacking the vulnerable and needy in society? Forcing people who are medically incapable of looking for work, taking vital money from others? Causing people to literally worry themselves to death?

Why, when a woman on the Isle of Man goes public because her autistic daughter has been refused DLA renewal and questions that decision, is she mocked and attacked via comments. (The article is RTd on my timeline)

Why did I believe an MP who told me “David had a disabled child, he won’t take anything away from SN children”

Why is the statementing process so long-winded and quite honestly, painful. You want to scream out and say “my child is a human being, not a budget figure”

Why is autism on the increase?

Why has D got autism? Is it me, or Hubbie? Why her and not our two sons?

I walk past a secondary school every day and see all the teenagers laughing, joking, running around without a care and think “don’t they realise how lucky they are?” I know there’s plenty of teenage angst but I can’t envisage D as a care-free teenager. Why? I just can’t.

Just why?

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