Tuesday 19th June

By | June 19, 2012

The school run (walk) didn’t go well today. D’s legs were a bit achy (I guess from all that sports day practice yesterday) but she was determined to do her walking – this is her stubborn streak coming to the front, wonder where she gets that from? Who, me? Unfortunately people who walking behind us – which makes her very anxious – and we had a few bolts. One man made a comment about her running off, I said “she’s got autism” and he just went “oh” and walked off. No curiosity, understanding or sympathy, just “oh”. Which made me furious but I seethed inwardly and didn’t let T & D know how flipping cross I was…”oh” indeed.

D carried on walking nevertheless, we were getting closer to T’s school and she still wanted to walk, despite the people in front, behind and to the side of her! Normally she’s dived into her buggy by now – that stubbornness again! Eventually she admitted she wanted a rest in the buggy and then walked after a break, probably just over 2/3 of the way again.

Once we were in school, D was just considering whether to go in when her (boy) friend went past, walking down the corridor with a teacher. Getting his OT exercise I guess, he looked very cross! As he went by, he gave a tiny little smile and a little wave to us and then went back to looking cross! D absolutely adores him, they are very cute together!

She came out very very tired at the end of the day but pleased to see me. More sports day practice. Very little walking on the way back, she was too tired and there was lots of “I don’t want to walk” shouted.

She’s perked up a bit at home but very sensitive to the slightest thing, a few bolts. I guess it must be difficult to go from P.E. twice a week to daily practice for sports day. Looking forward to seeing it though, she does put “her all” into it!

Butterfly watch – day 19 🌸🐛🌸:
All in their little cocoons, all transferred to the netted area where they’ll become butterflies. That was nerve-racking, transferring them but they’re very securely attached. T, D and Hubbie all looked for them as soon as we got in, think it will be strange saying goodbye when we let them go. All the Freds!

They are on the two white discs:


So..that’s our day, hope everyone’s had a good one. Thanks for reading & comments/RTs as ever welcomed Jx 😘

Tonight’s picture is my gorgeous D, my lovely bundle who just happens to have autism – although you can’t tell from this picture and that’s why awareness is so important x

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