Wednesday 6th June

By | June 6, 2012

All tired today, our lovely (and I use that word sarcastically) neighbours decided to entertain loudly and with karaoke until 1am this morning. D had settled with the aid of Melatonin but once the noise awoke her, that was it until it finally stopped.

As a consequence, today has been a long day. As with yesterday, she’s missing the routine of school but not necessarily the people – if that makes sense. We’ve done activities at home that she enjoys – cutting out and drawing on card etc – but she’s been very prone to suddenly getting very upset and storming off.

In between the rain showers, we braved a walk to the shops – D in her SN buggy – whether it was because people were “coming up for air” after four days of festivities and TV watching or whether it was the weather but the looks and the stares at D seemed definitely more pronounced today. This naturally upset me and not just because I’m tired. A lovely twitterer asked me how I would feel if they asked me why D was in a buggy and I think I’d welcome the chance to explain if the question was worded appropriately – ie. not shouted. I’ve started carrying leaflets in my bag which I’d happily hand out. I guess it’s needing people to be interested enough to smile – not a pity smile & not stare – and be open to a conversation.

Again, it all stems down to the fact that autism is invisible …. until something happens.

We went to the coffee shop after the supermarket, somewhere she’s used to and comfortable in. Our “usual” table away from everyone else was busy, which caused D to have a mini bolt in there. I went after her calmly but the looks!! You’d think she’d done something terrible and I was obviously to blame. A time to resist the urge to answer with “she’s got autism” through very clenched lips, but instead just lead D away, calmly but firmly, sit at a different table and move on from it. She did, virtually immediately!

This afternoon has been more of the same, activities which she normally enjoys but done with a short fuse on her part.

Butterfly watch – day 6 – before I forget:
All moving around slowly and all the caterpillars seem to be a bit hairier today! Guess that means they’re growing well. I noticed one of the cats sniffing around the jars today so the jars are in the butterfly garden for safe-keeping now. Must have terrified Fred, Fred and Fred etc…


Done slightly early tonight just in case I’m asleep by 9pm (highly unlikely!)

Comments and RTs as ever welcomed, hoping for a better night tonight and a better day tomorrow (I’m not the only one, judging by my TL). Thanks for reading, please RT if you like the post for autism awareness Jx 😘

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