Georgia Davis – I wish you well

By | May 27, 2012

Like the majority of the country, I’ve read about Georgia Davis this weekend and, apart from feeling very sorry for her, wondered why and how a 19-year girl can be 63 stone.

The “how” almost beggars belief. If the newspapers and statistics are to be believed, she went to “fat camp” 33 stone and then returned home some 14 stone lighter and from the pictures looking happy and proud of herself. She was greeted on her return with fish & chips, which obviously set the tone because she is now some 45 stone heavier. The explanation offered is that the foods she was eating at fat camp (lean meats and salads) were hard to find in the local supermarket (?).

There must be immense self care and mobility issues with being that size so I doubt that she would have been able to prepare her own meals. To gain 45 stone in a few years must have required almost constant eating.

And the why? Well, there are obvious triggers – the death of her birth father at a young age and her step-father’s illness. She must be trapped in a constant vicious circle of eat-feel guilty-comfort eat to feel better-feel guilty as comfort eaten and so on.

I do remember seeing Georgia in real-life stories in magazines so was there a financial incentive to being the parent of “Britain’s Fattest Teenager”?

I do hope that Georgia comes through this but all those around her need to take into account the emotional as well as physical issues going on here. Her mother and step-father need to appreciate their daughter for the adult she could become – with the right help – rather than the publicity-generating adult she is now.

Baby steps will be needed, with any weight loss applauded – but away from
the public eye. Let her do this in private, when she is ready emotionally as well as mentally.

I do wish her well, it would be nice to think that in a few years she is healthy, happy and doing all the things that her size has prohibited her from doing. I really hope for that.

The first picture was taken on her return from fat camp, the second a more recent one.



Be happy and healthy Georgia.

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ganderingdreams on 27th May 2012 at 3:28 pm.

I hope she gets the help and encouragement she needs, away from the people who just want to stare or profit 🙂


AutismMumma on 9th June 2012 at 10:54 am.

Definitely, and I think it’s very very obvious who the people interested in profiting are.


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