Tuesday 22nd May

By | May 22, 2012

The day of D’s school prom and, bless her, she had some reluctance. Knowing that you’re on a stage, singing is nerve-racking enough for anybody but add in autism anxieties and there is a “will she-won’t she?” element.

It was so cute though, dropped her off at class at 910am (she went in quite well with the aid of her favourite TA) and Hubbie and I waited around outside school until we were allowed to go into the hall at 930am. When D came in with her class, it was like she hadn’t seen me for hours – not 20 minutes – such was the enthusiastic greeting! She was sitting two rows in front of us and kept looking around to check we were there and mouthing “Mumma” and putting out her hand (Awww!).

How the class performance goes is that the class all sing and then individual children sing their “bit”, at the microphone, to a people-filled hall. They were all brilliant, obviously some more confident than others but every one of them earned their applause.

D’s class’s theme was “Space” and this was their song:
“Aliens, we are Aliens, we have travelled for light years to visit you here.
Aliens, we are Aliens, we have peaceful intentions, you’ve nothing to fear.
Aliens, we are Aliens, we were rulers of Space before the Big BANG!”
“Bang” being sung very loudly!

And then they had their individual bits, singing “Space is a place…”.

You could tell from her posture that she wasn’t comfortable doing it, but she did, well done D!!

After that, it was orange juice and biscuits in her classroom, which gave us a chance to look at the work displayed on the walls etc. Something we don’t normally get a chance to do.

We saw the school OT after that and discussed our concerns re possible dyspraxia, D’s sensory and anxiety issues and I wanted to ask her opinion of Bodysox – she definitely recommends them and explained the benefits of them. I’m definitely interested so I’ll have to research finding her a red (has to be red) on online. She also said to ensure that her eye appointment at the hospital incorporated a “movement & tracking” test of D’s eyes so I’ve made sure the GP knows to include that in referral.

D had a good afternoon, one of the TAs in the parallel class was 21 today so there was a joint class party for her.

When I picked D up, her TA said that D would be full as she’d had party food, I thought “hmm, we’ll see” and sure enough, the routine adhered and she wanted tea at the usual time etc!

Lots of garden play this afternoon, she’s enjoyed trying to make a chair/bed etc with the giant waffle bricks. Tired but happy D tonight.

One thing we did notice earlier, though, when the class came in, she’s 8 in a class of children who are 9 or nearly 9years (ie. she’s year 3, in with year 4’s) and she is definitely the tallest, at least by a head.

So glad that the Proms went well today, hope everyone has had a good day. Comments/RTs as ever welcomed, thanks for reading Jx 😘


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monaghanmammy on 23rd May 2012 at 4:05 pm.

Ah, that’s so good to hear. Sounds like she did great! Laughed at her still sticking to her tea-time routine! XXX


AutismMumma on 24th May 2012 at 10:27 am.

I know! (knew she would), bless her! Thanks for reading


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