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By | April 26, 2012

Four days left in April. Autism Awareness Month. Of course, those of us living with Autism are aware – nothing will change for us on 1st May. Life goes on as normal (routines etc). April has been about reaching those who aren’t aware – but as I’ve said before “how?” It’s establishing a collective voice and making that voice heard. Thoughts and pondering..

On with our day anyway…
D has a different teacher Thursdays & Fridays, with that knowledge and the aid of a new app on the iPad (Real Chalk HD), she went in very well. Here is the picture she drew on the way:

It’s a lovely picture and her TA wants a copy of it too. The iPad or “Mr Paddie” has really helped on the (double school runs) – see my post “Fun on the school run”.

D happily in, I spoke to the teacher of the boy that hit her yesterday. Her reaction was that as it wasn’t on school property (it was just outside the door, as he went past her, 3 deliberate hits), it was the responsibility of the transport escort. She did admit that the boy does hit within school though. I’m not expecting too much, just to be able to reassure my child that I’ve expressed my concerns to someone.

She came out well at the end of the day and as it wasn’t raining (hurrah!), she had an ice-cream from the van. She really enjoyed it!



Unfortunately arguments over the trampoline resulted in T getting scratched and a meltdown. As I can’t be in two places at once, I comforted T first (quickly!) and then saw to D.

She was calm by evening routine commenced. Every bath this week has involved playmobil animals being put up my nose, wears you down when you’re already tired.

So, a mostly good day (apart from
T getting injured & the meltdown), thanks for reading. Comments/RTs as ever welcomed Jx 

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cynthia on 27th April 2012 at 8:24 pm.

yes, for our home autism is not a month on the calendar but something we have been living with in our family now for 28 years. (5 of my kiddos are on the spectrum, fortunately my older one is working on getting her master’s degree)

sorry to hear about the school dropping the ball on their responsibility to protect your daughter. that would send me up the wall with anger if it was my child. Does she ever hit her classmates? There is nothing quite like having one of your children hurting another one of your children because you get this overwhelming sense of anger when you feel protective over the injured one vs. guilt/remorse that your child could be capable of doing that. (as if we really have control over their actions). How old is T? (younger or older? are you able to explain things about D?) My 8 year old is the one inclined to pull hair, scratch or hit, but my daughter knows to be careful of him. Unfortunately his brother 1 year younger seems to enjoy torturing him. He is barely functioning at a higher level but for some reason he finds it humorous to hear others cry. If he pushes it too far then he gets his hair pulled, but obvoiusly it is not enough to discourage him from doing it again. Sometime I wonder if they would rather get their hair pull by trying to interact than being ignored. (?).

Your daughter looks beautiful. I can always tell when a child feels loved and it is obvious that you adore and love her. To me that look in the eye makes all the hard work woth it.


AutismMumma on 3rd May 2012 at 9:49 am.

Thanks for reading and for your comments:) T is 18 months older than D (he’s 9.5) and is very mature. We’ve explained to him about autism and he’s very open about his feelings etc.
D doesn’t hit people at school at all, she will occasionally raise her voice but I think even by doing that she’s worried that she will get told off.
It’s very hard to see D deliberately hurting T – whether it’s mid meltdown or otherwise – and we do make sure he gets lots of Daddy time and Mumma cuddles.
Your life sounds very busy too x


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