Justice for the 96

By | April 15, 2012

I knew someone who died in the Hillsborough tragedy, 23 years ago. I’m not going to name the victim, out of respect for their family. The thought of anyone mocking them because of the colour of their shirt on that day or who they supported does not appeal.

The victim was a family friend, someone a few years older than me. I used to think they were “cool”, in teenager-speak. Had they been alive now, with the own family and had they achieved their intended career path, I think we would have had a lot in common.

People might think (but I hope they don’t)…23 years ago, 96 people, pah! But it is HOW they died and the cover-up that has continued since then that people remember. How can it be that 96 people died at a football match and their families are still seeking justice, 23 years on?

96 lives…gone. Way way more than 96 people still mourning. Family, friends, work colleagues. Relatives born since then who never knew their family member. Relatives dying without fully comprehending how and why Hillsborough happened.

For the sake of the sons, daughters, husbands, cousins, friends and colleagues who went to watch a football match and didn’t come home they should not be forgotten.

“You’ll Never Walk Alone” has never sounded more apt.

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Gill on 15th April 2012 at 1:06 pm.

So sad J. Xxx


Gillian (AutismMomofOne) on 16th April 2012 at 7:56 pm.

This is so sad. I didn’t actually know anything about this event and so I researched it best I could. I don’t have words to even describe how awful it was to me just reading it. I’m so sorry for you who personally knew someone who passed in that tragedy. xx


AutismMumma on 17th April 2012 at 4:07 am.

Thanks Gillian, I just wanted to raise a bit of awareness & pay my respects xx


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