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By | April 14, 2012

I thought of this last night and wanted to share it. There are so many worried parents, wondering which school their child will have been allocated a place at and hoping it will be okay for them.

I found D’s time in mainstream very stressful, knowing that she wasn’t having a good time at school, made for a lot of days spent clock-watching. I didn’t switch off at all and that wasn’t healthy. So, if I did it again, I’d make time in my day for “me”. Have a coffee with a friend, read a magazine etc.

What I did do, and still do now that she’s in a SN school is to always make sure I’m standing in (roughly) the same place so that when she’s coming out she can see me and that I’ve got my arms ready to give her a big hug because no matter how her day might have gone, she is seeking that consistency. There are days when she comes out badly and tries to bolt but I know that is a build-up of emotion throughout the day and we use the journey home to try and discuss – albeit very one-sided at times.

We also have it incorporated into bathtimes routines that we talk about her day, sometimes it’s “I don’t want to chat about that, Mumma” but with gentle prompts, it does work most of the time.

Comments/RTs as ever welcomed, I hope my experiences help. Thanks for reading Jx 

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susannecc on 14th April 2012 at 3:53 pm.

Your advice always helps others. x


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