Expressing her feelings…

By | April 7, 2012

I wanted to share this separately to a diary post as I felt it warranted it…

Last year, over the Royal Wedding weekend, my mum was in hospital and for various reasons I was the only daughter available to visit. I spent a large proportion of that weekend hopping on and off buses, being at mum’s bedside and dealing with the aftermath that this change of routine at home brought.

Hubbie was at home with T and D during these times and when I got back from one visit he said that she had been in her room a lot and quite agitated. I went up to see her and noticed that she’d pulled one of her toenails off. She didn’t seem fussed about it and picking and pulling at her finger/ toe nails is one of her anxiety things. She also has a very high pain threshold so I presumed she hadn’t registered quite what she’d done. I put a plaster on it, without making a fuss and it soon grew back.

Whilst she was helping me paint the trellis yesterday, we were both getting paint spots on our feet and whilst I was wiping them off I said to her “oh, your toenail grew back nicely, which one was it?” and she remembered and showed me. I then asked her if she remembered why she’d done it and she said “I missed you, I’m only happy when I’m with you”.

The other day, she was able to say how being called a “baby” because she’s in a SN buggy affected her too. It made her feel cross. Generally though I don’t think she notices the stares, the whispers, the pointing.

It’s times like that, when she’s relaxed and I feel I can broach something like the buggy incident or the toe nail, that I realise how quickly she is maturing. It doesn’t make me quite so worried for the future knowing that as long as she has someone who will listen and she’s willing to talk about things, she can.

Thanks for reading, comments/RTs as ever welcomed Jx 😘

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