Tuesday 3rd April

By | April 3, 2012

I never mentioned this before but when Hubbie found out about World Autism Day, he expected something along the lines of Sports Relief ie. An evening or a large proportion of TV time dedicated to the subject and raising awareness…

And wouldn’t that have been nice.

We had to go out today and do a food shop. I choose the afternoon as historically it’s a quieter time up at the shops. Big mistake.

Two children went past D (in her SN buggy) and said “oh look, she’s a baby”. The mother did not correct them or make eye contact with me at all so I just replied (or squeaked, still not much voice) “she is NOT a baby, she has autism”. No apology from them, no smile, no wanting to know more.

Next shop, children looking, pointing, whispering. Again, no intervention from the parents.

We went into Costa, got a nice, quiet table and I decided I would ask T and D how they felt about the “baby” comment. D said she felt cross. T said it upset him. I don’t think D notices the stares, the whispers, the pointing. She is normally zoned out with the little toys that she’s brought with her but she obviously heard the “baby” comment.

Made me sad, there is such a long way to go for awareness and acceptance.
I did a previous blog “Does this buggy cause offence?” which is on here. Nothing has changed since then.

We chilled out after that by trying out recliner chairs, very comfortable as you can see!


Tomorrow is another day, that’s what I say to myself on days like this. You have to.

Comments/RTs etc welcomed. Thanks for reading Jx 

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Glo on 3rd April 2012 at 8:52 pm.

Isn’t it sad that your children had to be exposed to such ignorance and no intervention from parents. I know I could not have let it go if my child came out with a comment about someone else. I hope awareness and acceptance are coming soon but fear there is a long way to go yet. X


Tracy on 3rd April 2012 at 9:00 pm.

It’s still upsetting when our kids receive negative comments . Although people say we will get thick skinned , I very much doubt it , my initial instinct is hurt and then the need to protect .
One of those wars we can’t win? . Here’s hoping that the twitter army can !! Xx


Anita on 3rd April 2012 at 9:03 pm.

It’s so sad that people treat our kids like this – Sean was laughed at in the hospital yesterday because he was in his Maclaren Major. Luckily he was oblivious but I was fuming and they got glares from me, my husband kept me under control, I was ready for a scene!!

Sean doesn’t like people looking at him so stares are getting harder for us now as they make him uncomfortable and he starts to shout or try to hide in his clothes!

I have started to dread going into the services almost as much as Sean – me for the stares and comments, him for the hand dryers which is why we need the buggy to go in there!


Gabriels Hope ; The Ruminations Of n Irish Mother on 3rd April 2012 at 9:13 pm.

Great blog, It is a sad reflection of our society that children can be cruel to other children, but as you pointed out it is up to the parents especially us mothers to explain differences to our children, I read somewhere that empathy comes in two ways 1, by a vivid imagination and 2, by experience, hopefully our children will learn this one way or another, thanks for sharing.


cmbpanda on 3rd April 2012 at 10:57 pm.

I don’t think u ever develop a thick skin 2 deal with those comments, part of me would be worried if I stopped being upset by them. My son is bright & very articulate but now 11 it is getting harder & harder 2 deal with the comments and mutterings of others when he wants his own way or won’t share with a younger child. The ‘he should know better’ and ‘ what kind of a parent are you?’ judgements are very hurtful


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